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April 2017 5 star Google Review
I have been going to Dr. Lim for over 20 years. I love this practice. She has always been professional and very caring. I would recommend her to anyone who likes punctual and a caring dentist. Thank you Dr. Lim .


  • Scott C.
  • Houston, Tx

2/6/2017  5 star Yelp Review

I recently cracked a crown and needed it replaced. I asked several friends for recommendations for dentists in my work area. After calling several for pricing I chose Dr Lim. My appointment was on time and her staff was friendly. Dr Lim took X-rays and then took time to explain options and prices she had quoted before. She answered all my questions carefully and this brought down my anxiety level I have in the dentists chair. She carefully removed the old crown, placed a temporary in place and set my appointment up to install the new permanent crown 10 days later. When I returned she showed me how it matched my teeth color perfectly.  She put it in, made a few adjustments and sealed it. One month later I have had no problems or discomfort. Dr Lim called me several days after she put it in to follow up to make sure everything was OK. That really impressed me. I highly recommend her

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I went into the office with the normal fear of the dentist and walked out with a whole new outlook. She was kind, caring, and patient. I will be recommending to my colleagues!

5 Star Review November 2016

Dr. Lim is still my favorite doctor! My teeth are the healthiest they’ve been since I was in my teens. She’s got me flossing daily. She makes handling payments and insurance easy. She keeps the pain as limited as possible.

One of my favorite things about her is that she’s an interesting person, and she is personally interested in her patients. It’s always fun to catch up during visits.

If you’re looking for a dentist, give her a try!


July 2016 from Linkedin


I have been a patient of Dr. Lim’s for 6+ years. She is courteous, professional, friendly and always gives good advice on all aspects of dental care. She makes it so that I don’t dread going to the dentist like I used to.

 Progressive Dental Ellen Lim DDS Thank you so much Larry for taking time to share your thoughts. Past 6+ years have been our honor and privilege to be involved in your dental care. We pledged to deliver the best dental care always.


Great service and laser whiting for teeth was more than happy love the results super white fast and nice service definitely will go back


5starProfessional, efficient, knowledgeable,patient, fairly priced, creative,well educated Doctor of dentistry.

You will not be disappointed !

Scott C.  Five star review 4/7/2016-

I was referred by a friend to Dr. Lim.  I knew I needed some dental work because it had been several years since my last visit to a dentist.  I was having sensitivity in my gums on one side too.  I found her staff to be very friendly.  I arrived on time and they were running on schedule which is refreshing these days in healthcare.  After Xrays were taken Dr. Lim came in an introduced herself, reviewed my Xrays with me explaining what she was seeing and answered all my questions.  This brought my anxiety level way down.  She then suggested three treatment options.  The first involved replacing an old crown which had cracked which was causing my gum soreness.  The second, she showed me 2 cavities that needed to be cleaned out and filled, but she said they were not serious and could be put off for awhile if I wanted. And the third, she showed me in Xray where my right rear tooth had a lot of fractures and should have a crown soon so it doesn’t crack fully and maybe lose the whole tooth.  I asked her for her opinion on what was priority. Shewas very professional in her answer and I felt no pressure from her.  I asked about pricing, she answered about the first two; saying the third she would try the most conservative approach first which would be the least expensive and she would recommend waiting a little while after doing the first two, if I decided that’s what I wanted to do.  That’s what I elected to do.  She did the temporary crown and it went well.  I returned the next week and she installed the permanent crown.  That was a month ago and it feels and fits great.  She repaired my two small cavities and gave me some stronger mouthwash to use to help prevent more of the same.  We agreed that I would return in 6 months and reexamine the rear tooth when I come in for cleaning.  Her charges were very reasonable and I appreciated her direct answers to my questions and her refreshing sense of humor.





Alpha Centauri

Dec 2015
I have oral surgery scheduled the next day and Dr. Lim took time to clean my teeth herself with less injury to my mouth and took time to offer insight and solutions for my issue. She made me feel welcome and was very professional. Definitely worth a visit. Highly recommended.


Thank you so much for your trust and confidence in my care. We will continue to strive to do our best in delivering the best care our patients deserve. Progressive Dental Team


Loretta Lesher5star  ( From Facebook  Nov. 2015)

I have been a patient for 21 years. Professional, compassionate and knowledgeable. I would not have lasted with a dentist who wasn’t so fabulous. She is the best.

Progressive Dental Ellen Lim DDS
Progressive Dental Ellen Lim DDS  Thank you for your trust and loyalty. It has been my honor and privilege to have been involved in your dental for the past 21 years Ms.Lesher


Burnett, Donna ( Emailed to office)

Becoming a patient of Ellen Lim, D.D.S. was truly a life changing experience. I had 20 year old veneers which were quite discolored. I put myself in Dr. Lim’s hands: she chose a beautiful color for new crowns and veneers which were white—but not so white as to look artificial. It took a number of visits to complete the change over and to receive a new (much improved) night guard but that is because Dr. Lim is a perfectionist (as I am). I greatly appreciated the number of hours she spent on me trying to make the new crowns and veneers look natural. As the last step, Dr. Lim whited all my teeth and she assures me my facial appearance has improved remarkedly. Dr. Lim is patient and very knowledgeable. At the end of the process it was as if Dr. Lim had become a good friend. The life changing events included not only my facial appearance but the wealth of information Dr. Lim freely shared—not just a strident command to brush, floss and use a water jet, but the reasons behind such practices and the problems such regular practices prevent. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Lim for her expertise, perfectionism and obvious care and regard for her patients. Dr. Lim is the best!

Ellen Lim’s Emailed Responce –

Donna, I can’t thank you enough for your candid review you wrote on my behalf. You are right, so many friends have been made in my career through the process of making their smile make overs. I feel very honored and privileged to have given the opportunity to be part of your smile make-over. Thank you for giving me your trust and patience which allowed me to do my best work. More importantly, you trusted my professional opinion to guide you through every step of the way.
I hope to continue to be involved in your dental care and enjoy the journey with you as much as you do.
Best regards,
Ellen Lim, D.D.S.

Elishia Braun ( Letter Sent to the Office.)

I would like to thank Dr. Lim for helping me. I had neglected my teeth because it wasn’t in my budget. I could put it off no longer as my teeth was in a horrible state with cavities, mismatched crown and missing teeth. I did not smile anymore and was truly depressed about it.

I came to Dr. Lim after being highly recommended. Dr. Lim listened to everything I had to say and took in concerns. She devised a plan and the work began all the time throughout listening to my input.

The Process was very long, but that was only to allow proper healing time for implants. Once the implants healed progress was very fast. I had a full mouth reconstruction, which including replacing missing teeth, replacing old crowns, veneers, getting my teeth aligned again. After everything fit perfectly.

Dr Lim is highly intelligent, and stays on top of her game, highly skilled, caring and compassionate. I also want to thank Natasha who always gives a warm welcome and to Ashley. I can’t thank them enough for what they did for me.

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Ryan Tran – April 2015

Dr. Lim and her staff work together as a phenomenal team. They have a very flexible and accommodating schedule. I am never rushed and always have a wonderful experience. If you are seeking outstanding personalized care with a skilled and experienced dentist, look no further.

Denise Arcaute   March 25, 2015 5 star Great service and laser whitening for teeth was more than happy love the results super white fast and nice service definitely will go back

Christine Rayburn   Feb 6, 2015 5 starDr Lim is amazing with Botox injections and Juvaderm… A artist enhancing your image and
Taking years off your face leaving it refreshed
And restoring your image and self confidence
Lynn 01/13/2015

Dr. Lim is incredible!!!!!! I have never been to someone so knowledgeable and brilliant as Dr. Lim. She always follows up to make sure I am happy. Her staff is awesome too!!!!!!!!!

Candyce Muniz


Dr. made my day. This is unbelievable how a routine and potentially painful experience can turn into an exciting venue and journey. Dr. is my best friend now after 15 or 20 visits to change my teeth, my smile, my stile and my life! I’m so grateful to her that I recommend her to all my friends and relatives. She will accept you even in case of emergency and she is fully booked. Amazing dentist


andrei botu


Great experience, fast and flexible appointments. Strongly recommend!


Tom Graham


I ve been going to Dr. Lim for several years fillings, wisdom tooth extractions, a root canal, and cleanings/checkups. The office is nice, clean, and modern, with all new equipment (e.g. flatscreen monitors to show you your x-rays) in an upscale office building– there is free parking and it s convenient. Dr. Lim is very thorough and holistic– she asks a lot of questions about general health and lifestyle that can affect dental health, and remembers your social history from visit to visit.


Zeenia Challa Aug/2014


My experience with Dr. Lim was wonderful! She was knowledgeable, accommodating and took the time to explain what needed to be done. Her staff was professional and helpful and went out of their way to make my visit comfortable. After my visit, I was very satisfied with the results and knew that I had made the right decision to go to her.

Thomas Watson – July /2014

I had my first visit with Dr. Lim on yesterday and this was the best visit I had at a dentist office in a very long time. The first appointment went very well the dental assistant, Ashley was very professional and courteous, Dr Lim went over my xrays and advised me of what was found. Dr Lim provided me with many different options based on what I told her my goals were and explained each very comprehensively. The deep cleaning went very well and I can honestly say that I did not feel any pain. Dr. Lim was very understanding to my fear of needles and pain and made this procedure very pain free. I will definitely be going back. Thanks Dr. Lim
I went to Dr. Lim to have dental work and she was EXCELLENT.
She made me feel so comfortable and was very knowledgeable and caring. She is the best dentist I ve ever had. I highly reccommend her.
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaliyah B.- 7/11/2014

I called Dr. Lim’s office well after 5 o’clock on a Friday in excruciating pain. Dr. Lim offered first thing Monday morning. When I told her how much pain I was in she took my number and told me to wait by the phone. 5 minutes later she called me back and told me she had to call her assistant to see if she would come back in. I was in her chair in 30 minutes. Dr. Lim was so kind and understanding. I was pain free in no time.That to me shows dedication and caring for her patients. I would recommended her to anybody that wants a good dentist and caring people to treat them.

Jsk G.– 7/11/2014

I don’t exactly love going to the dentist, but Dr. Lim is amazing, she is great at what she does and I certainly recommend her to anyone that is in search for a wholehearted dentist, I am very pleased with the work she has done to me, extremely happy with my smile. I have never had such great dentist I’ve grown to love! Everybody in the office was extremely friendly as well, I give this dental office a thumbs up!

Judy– Yahoo Reviews


I went to Dr. Lim to have a lower partial repaired and ended up having a new one made. Dr. Lim is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to explain all the options available to her patients. She has meticulous standards and is not happy until her patient is happy. My finished partial was beautiful and extremely comfortable. Thank you, Dr. Lim


 Chris Williams – Google Reviews


I was in dire need of a root canal on a Sunday and Dr. Lim answered my call and made sure I was comfortable before seeing me.


Bobby Maynard- Yahoo Reviews

Unequivocally and without hesitation I recommend Dr. Lim. I believe her to be a highly competent and experienced professional committed to delivering a high quality product, having the perseverance to achieve the best solution to problems for optimal success. I get the impression that Dr. Lim stays abreast of developments in dentistry and strives to improve her already superb expertise. I initially selected her somewhat randomly based upon geographical location, but I also considered reviews by previous and present patients. Although by nature I was mildly skeptical of such positive comments, I decided to schedule a consultation appointment. Regarding the positive reviews, I can honestly say They ain t lyin .

I arrived at Dr. Lim s office in a horrific dental condition having not visited a dentist in many years. Rather than being overly judgmental concerning my oral hygienic neglect, Dr. Lim proceeded to outline a plan with recommendations for a constructive solution to my dental problems. After some agonizing thought and personal research, I made the decision to proceed with Dr. Lim s recommendation. From that point onward, I felt very comfortable entrusting Dr. Lim with my care. Having dug in my heels avoiding the dentist for so many years, I now actually look forward to my appointments which, by the way, are always on time with full attention devoted to my issues. My particular case involved the extraction and dental implant process and appropriate coordination with a respected oral surgeon followed by the engineering, design and installation of the optimal restoration product.

In these seemingly uncivil times of buyer beware , it is refreshing to experience genuine pride of providing an exceptional quality product. When confronted with a problem, Dr. Lim did not quit until the best solution was found. I really appreciated her taking every precaution and her efforts to make sure it was right. At every stage, Dr. Lim secured the appropriate technical resources in order to maximize chances of success.

I felt that Dr. Lim was readily available during every step of the process at all hours and weekends to address any questions, problems or concerns that I had. I found her to be extremely responsive. It is tempting to treat her as a good friend and perhaps take advantage of her good nature; but, I believe her to be deserved of great professional respect.

Reflective of her sound judgment, Dr. Lim has surrounded herself with an excellent support staff, particularly her assistant. I found Dr. Lim and her staff to be extremely competent as well as cordial and personable with great senses of humor. Additionally, the physical facilities are great. The location is very nice for me, and the parking is easy and free.

I am completely satisfied with my experience and I highly recommend Dr. Lim. I feel very fortunate to have had the good sense to select Dr. Lim.

In these seemingly uncivil times of buyer beware , it is refreshing to experience genuine pride of providing an exceptional quality product. When confronted with a problem, Dr. Lim did not quit until the best solution was found. I really appreciated her taking every precaution and her efforts to make sure it was right. At every stage, Dr. Lim secured the appropriate technical resources in order to maximize chances of success.

Robert Lee – Yahoo Reviews

Dr. Lim knows what she s doing! A no non-sense, knowledgeable dental care professional, she helped me take care of dental issues that has lingered with me for a long time. The staff was super-nice and made me feel at ease. They alleviated a lot of the fears of the unknown that I had. Definitely would recommend!

Stalin Lope

I have not been to a dentist in many years and i was recommended by a friend to Dr. Lim. She is not just a cute face, she is very good at what she does and made me feel as comfortable as possible. Her and the staff are very kind and informative and i will continue to go to Dr. Lim from here on out. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 🙂

Randy Fly

Dr Lim and her staff are wonderful. I had to have my wisdom tooth pulled and typically have phobia of dentists, but Dr Lim and her dental assistant really made me feel comfortable and at ease.They also fit me in the same day I called which was also excellent.

Jiasen W

reviewed 3 weeks ago
I stopped by at Dr. Ellen Lim’s practice after not going to a dentist for quite a while, and after being referred by a good friend of mine. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable in the field. She quickly identified and explained the problems with my teeth, and made very practical recommendations about what treatment I should obtain. It was a very great experience overall, and Dr. Lim really made me feel like my teeth were being taken care of. I would highly recommend Dr. Lim!

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